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shamelessly stolen from a coworker

could have used this a few years ago when i was trying to make this argument about rustdoc, lol

i have a hammer (bash scripting) and everything looks like a nail (a process i can automate with a bash script)

do i get absorbed in logic puzzles because i'm sad, or do i get sad because i'm absorbed in logic puzzles and there's a strong enough association with it? 🤔

it would be cool if there was some equivalent to FamiTracker that could run on mac

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showed my roommate some of my old chiptune stuff last night and now i'm thinking about it a lot

this was something i invested a lot of time, energy, and attention on, but it's been a literal decade since i've been remotely active about it

time just keeps on moving, you know?

app-connected IDE that pops a notification on my phone when my code is done building or hits a breakpoint

checking out the Metatext iOS app and while it has the features i wanted that Toot! didn't have (don't auto play gifs) the multi-account experience is a lot more clunky :/

gotta do like three clicks to switch accounts, whereas in Toot! and Tweetbot it's a single swipe

lol @ another twitter exodus leaving a bunch of people to join fedi, poke around for a few days, then abandon it for whatever reason

got that new glasses feeling (altered depth perception, mild vertigo, distorted vision, sensitivity to bright lights)

my first year as an active activist who activisms actively: reflections 

- You need to find the kind of resistance that you can see yourself doing all the time, then do it all the time. suppose right now we urgently need baddass antifa soldiers, much more than programmers, and you're a programmer. we still need ~some~ programmers. you'll help more as a badass programmer who put up a website to recruit enthusiastic antifa soldiers, than as a reluctant, half-assed antifa soldier.

- Security is a set of tradeoffs; different people have different needs.
- There is a place for the old invisible uncles who never leave a trace, and there is a place for the twitch streamers.
- Sadly, your personal security approach affects your comrades too. I don't know how to navigate this.

- cruelty is the point. the State _will_ do egregious, baffling, illegal, forms of repression. on purpose, to stifle rebellious sentiment through uncertainty, trauma, terror.
- so must have means to deal with trauma and terror.
- look up on counter-insurgency manuals. a lot of that fear will transmute to anger.
- but what you really need is a life outside activism + a healthy support system. this is as important to keep going as raising funds and oiling guns.
- public callouts is a tool of the past. calling out a politician as genocidal doesn't work when they tweet about genociding and get votes. less callouts, more mask ups.

- The Left still has a lot of patriarchy to untangle, and doesn't recognise carework as political work.
- Carework is crucial right now.

- Making nazis afraid again: simple, effective, high-impact, fun. Very recommended praxis, both engaging and rewarding.

- Euro anarchists have dour meetings. Kurdish and Mexican revolutionaries have fun meetings that feel like parties. The latter 2 are mourning war losses, battling fascists, and indefatigably standing up to stiff govt repression. Euro anarchists will be dealing with that kinda stuff too (some already are), and if we don't learn to have meetings that feel good and fun and healing, we will all burn out before it starts.

- Trying to convince libs is not worth it.
- The top 2 liberal myths: non-State societies have only existed / must always be small-scale; indigenous societies are primitive. these are prejudices and so impossible to be argued with.
- Doing things for the general community is always worth it, even if you can't reach them ideologically. Like respond to the call for volunteers to pack food for refugees. Wear an anarchist patch. Don't initiate political discussions, just be nice and shape their views of what anarchists are like.

- just in general, propaganda of the deed does a lot more outreach than words. one of the best things that Euro anarchists do: remembering the affected when no one else does. while the libs are decrying Ella for the dangers of vigilantism, Jewish elders pass along copies of Antifa-Infoblätter while remembering the Shoa, with a lilt in their voices, "look at what the young people are doing". the media has let go of the NSU coverup and has forgotten about Hanau, but when we invite the families of the Hanau victims to speak, year after year, the Muslim immigrants in the streets and shisha bars stop to watch us. They will remember.

- you need meds or drugs off the system, who do you think of? you need to sneak in a relative, you need an emergency place to crash, you need an illegal abortion, you need protection and can't trust the cops, you feel like the State is violating your bodily autonomy, you feel lonely and empty in the rat race and like there's no community for you, you are just done with the system and ready to fuck stuff up, who do you think of? right now for a lot of people the first image that pops to mind is "the fash".

- I've met people who wanted to resist, but felt too disabled or scared and that it would never be for them. in cases like this I reassure them, and I mean it, that not everybody has to be on the streets shouting or dismantling ecocidal machinery, that just by caring and being nice to people they're already doing a lot, and other truths. then, not even thinking of politics, I listen to their personal stories, I cook for them or let them cook for me, I tell them, sincerely, that it must have been terrible to go through that, that I can understand how they feel, I validate their identities and their sense of injustice. then before I know it they're out in demos with me shouting at the face of cops. now look I"m not a cure for mh- or disability and I'm not doing this on purpose to gather soldiers, my point here is only one: That somebody who is broken, alone and hurt needs healing, love and care, not preaching.
- *definitely* not guilt-tripping to burn themselves in activism like a second job.

- Not just global warming but systemic ecological crisis in all spheres, not caused by the Anthropocene, but by the Colonialismocene.

i just found out that "rome wasnt built in a day" is one of those incomplete phrases people use in a warped way and the ending of that one is "BUT IT BURNED DOWN IN ONE"

using that forever

so what do i do if my server is trying to fetch an old version of a remote user's avatar, and `tootctl accounts refresh` doesn't get the new URL? it still thinks the user's avatar is at the old link, which is now 404'ing :/

how come the retort is always "if you don't want companies using your code, don't release it as free" and never "if you don't want your code to break, don't pull code from an internet rando"

Article: "Why universities are failing to prepare students for the job market". Talks about how Universities are to blame for prioritizing research and hiring sub-par instructors.

But... they never were meant to really prepare you for the actual job market? They were meant to educate students on different fields and prepare them for academia life? Employers are meant to offer training and proper entry level jobs to prepare high school or post-secondary grads the needed job skills. The need for a degree was a lazy way for employers to weed out candidates, with the exception of certain careers.

for a while i thought my server was down, but i think the DNS was messed up. i recently transferred the domain between registrars without realizing i had been doing the DNS at the old registrar. i had to look up one of those "DNS history" sites to pull out all the right records to keep masto email going 😅

on this, the day of Spotify wrapped, I carry a hopeful vision that if we were not dependent on ad-driven platforms, owned our own data, and paid artists directly we could build our own cool algorithmic tools to understand and explore our relationships with art and each other

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