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For the past year I've been doing independent software research, funded by an Open Tech Fund grant. This summer the Trump administration de-funded the OTF, cutting off my income.

I've been living off my savings since then, and while I'm looking for alternative funding sources, applying and getting that money will take time and so in the meantime, if you can, please support my work via GitHub sponsors:, or Liberapay:

Thanks! Boosts appreciated.

bonus points if i can pick it up at the best buy next door

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sometimes i forget that this solitaire app has a ton of other games in it, when i’ve become convinced that FreeCell is a perfect game and no other solo card game compares

food allergies in unexpected places 

yesterday i looked at the ingredients list of the lip balm i’ve been using since high school, and discovered that it has soybean oil in it

i feel like i have to rip up an extremely well-established habit to get around my soy allergy now >_>

for example, here's a project to turn a busted ds lite (notorious for breaking the hinge and top-screen display cable, like what happened with my first one) and turning it into a "game boy macro" that can still play GBA games

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my youtube feed is gradually turning into game boy mods and electronics hacking, and i'm just thinking "i must not get a soldering iron" >_>

one thing i really wish i could do in every pokémon game is disable the “congratulations, you won the battle/caught the pokémon” theme. it inevitably plays for way too long as i’m deciding whether to keep a move or a new pokémon, and it just gets annoying :/

no one ever takes me seriously when i try to bring up Swatch Internet Time as a response to people complaining about time zones or daylight savings >_>

...though, the fact that it’s hosted on a channel called “patriotic america” makes me /somewhat/ reluctant to actually post it >_>

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sometimes i get this song in my head, even though i haven’t actually heard it since i sang it in 5th grade choir

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Fediverse server for a handful of friends who call themselves "squad".