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i guess since i haven't been active on masto for a while it's worth doing another post!

hi, i'm grey! i'm the of, though i was just a user on before that. i'm a non-binary, trans-feminine, demisexual, sapphic internet ghost! i've hung out a lot in the community, so you may know me from there. i just did a batch at the and rn i'm between jobs

fill the internet with love today

i also got a blue pen of the same kind at the same time, but that's less impressive because blue is a Serious Pen Color

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a year or two ago i got this purple pen from a japanese bookstore in DFW, and i will be very sad when it stops working because it is now my favorite pen

getting gamers to remember my pronouns by calling it deep lore and hiding it in item descriptions

lol @ me immediately following a bunch of coffee shops in denver and amarillo

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okay so i did it, the usual username. send me recs for coffee people (preferably in denver or texas), mechanical keyboard designers, and nature photography

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i'm somewhat tempted to make an instagram account just for coffee people and keyboard people 😅

unfortunately it looks like installing the new cartridges completely broke the black-ink print-head, so now i get to spend my afternoon printing a lot of test pages and getting frustrated

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somehow these ink cartridges were cheaper at the best buy down the street than on newegg 🤷‍♀️

Give your most dead-eyed service workers your biggest tips

🤔 what if you had a handful of people writing these talks on a rotation and gave them a budget, an editor, and a youtube channel

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🤔 what if you wrote and recorded a new talk every month

🤔 what if you had jaunty background music and a credits sequence

🤔 what if you added costumes, makeup, and theatrics

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thinking about pre-recorded conference talks and realizing they’re not far removed from my favorite art form, the video essay 🤔

the source files are here if you want to give it a shot

is it just because my desktop has a bundler path of "vendor/bundle" whereas my laptop was installing them globally?

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jekyll is gradually teaching me how to write ruby and use ruby tooling, and i'm only slightly annoyed by this

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the first time i ran it it also spat a bunch of warnings because i was using ruby 2.7 on my desktop whereas i was using 2.6 on my laptop, so i threw on rbenv to see if that would fix it. (it didn't, but it did stop the warning flood.)

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i'm having a hell of a time trying to build on a different computer. jekyll is somehow trying to render its new-site template post as a post in my site? i have no external theme reference, so i have no idea why it's trying to pull this file

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Fediverse server for a handful of friends who call themselves "squad".