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i guess since i haven't been active on masto for a while it's worth doing another post!

hi, i'm grey! i'm the of, though i was just a user on before that. i'm a non-binary, trans-feminine, demisexual, sapphic internet ghost! i've hung out a lot in the community, so you may know me from there. i just did a batch at the and rn i'm between jobs

fill the internet with love today

as i sit and watch the download progress as i reinstall arch over an old partition on my desktop, i begin to wonder where my life went wrong, what caused me to enjoy setting up computers and managing servers and stuff

hmm, after upgrading my glitch-soc server to 3.1.4, i seem to have some extra vertical whitespace in the web view. there's like an extra gap below the main view. firefox jumps the scrollbar down when i load a reply, either in threaded mode or by clicking to reply to a post. is this a known thing / is there some kind of workaround or fix?

okay, after listening to a few of its recommendations this morning, it seems to focus around pop punk bands fronted by women? this feels really specific

...and also exactly what i didn't realize i wanted >_>

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for some reason the top row in the apple music “for you” tab is always pop punk, without fail

i mean, yes i do like pop punk, but could you be a little less overt about it

there's no ceremony, there's nothing to sign, you can just Do The Thing

i just copy/pasted the text of the AGPLv3 into my repo and bam

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a cool thing about software licensing is that you can just start saying your code is under a certain license and then it is

as an indicator of how long it's been since i've written a significant amount of greenfield rust, i didn't realize the `impl Reply` in that screenshot was valid until someone showed it to me in their own code

i've also never written an `async fn` before this weekend, lol

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i'm trying to write a message board because i never stopped longing for those halcyon days after the turn of the millennium where all the communities i cared about were on EZBoard or had their own instance of phpBB

no idea how far i'll get, lol; this is never getting released

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it's been a while, but i'm finally writing rust for a personal project again

here's a screenshot of some code i wrote today that i like; the `warp` library is pretty neat

Fediverse question for anyone not on m.s:

Do you feel like at least one of you instance moderators knows who you are, individually?


Feel free to also reply with what instance you're on.

ever since college, i've managed to avoid putting MSYS/MinGW on my windows installs, because i feel like trying to use a unix-ish environment on windows is just refusing to learn windows' way of doing things

but i had to do it this time to build a custom GHC, so here we are 🤷‍♀️

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the latest episode in "a ghost's adventures in continuously bumping an unpopular thread in an attempt to ram through her compiler contributions":

current status: i dug up my previous laptop because it runs windows, and attempting to set up a haskell development environment so i can build my patch to ghc and make a point to the mailing list

had fun scrolling through this album of "wallpapers that shipped with mac os starting from system 7 up to catalina" and adding a bunch of them to my wallpaper rotation

this man received a sudoku puzzle to solve for his sudoku youtube channel. he was told he wasn't allowed to look at it until he was recording. so on the video, he opened it up and immediately said "i'm being made fun of. this obviously isn't solvable. he's about to get an angry phone call"

..."well, i can place a few digits here and here. but that's it. after that it's impossible."

"well i suppose i could narrow down this digit here but like. this grid does not have a unique solution. it can't."

anyway click the link to watch a man go from frustrated with his friend to unbelievably stunned at the impossible beauty of the puzzle he just solved in only 25 minutes

remember when i casually emailed the haskell libraries mailing list after a month's experience with the language with a patch to the base library?

i did that again, with a different approach to the same problem:

I will not deny that it is hard to maintain cuteness uptime, but like learning the rotation for a class in an MMO, with enough practice you will think and be cute 24/7.

If cuteness to you is pastels, good. If your cuteness is goth-chic, go for it. Fully embrace your cuteness aesthetic, let no one question if you are truly cute, for you are.

now go! Let the cuteness come to life.

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