is there some kind of quick-reference document for good things to do periodically when maintaining a mastodon server? things i should keep in mind if i want to kick the server for system updates or the like?

i want to make sure that i don’t mess up the server too much due to inaction >_>;;

this goes double if there's something glitch-soc specific, since i'm running that fork instead of upstream

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in the absence of a response (and a frustrating lack of results in DDG for guides on long-term server maintenance) i'm just going to assume i just want to set up backups and manually stop the systemd services whenever i want to kick the server

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(i guess i should say something like "please boost the first post in this thread" since i'm not sure any server admins follow me >_>)

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@QuietMisdreavus I don't know if the standard maso setup includes it, but **log rotation** is always overlooked when you admin your 1st server

@esbe ooh, that's a good one! is there a log that masto prints to other than the systemd one? otherwise i'll just check out systemd log rotation things

@QuietMisdreavus I don't know masto's exact stack, but rails will generate its own logs, and there's probably a reverse proxy like nginx generating both an access log and an error log too

@esbe also thanks! i completely forgot that tag was a thing lol

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