i had an old save file, but i wound up scrapping it because i hadn't touched it in months, lol

but for the sake of using this gif i made a couple weekends ago, i'll also announce it separately: i'm going to be working for apple! i'll be doing docs tooling in swift ✨

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okay, i think these are the last of the new colors to add; it's now a complete vim color scheme! however, the palette listing is now so huge that i had to widen out the page a lot more >_> quietmisdreavus.github.io/mkco

having a bit too much fun styling elements in mkcolor that i would probably never (or at least really rarely) see in action if i made a real vim color scheme out of it

i've been going Way Too Deep into making additions and tweaks to mkcolor in the last few days. some small tunings to generation logic and a few new UI colors quietmisdreavus.github.io/mkco

just started playing Alwa's Awakening and it already feels like it's going to be nice

okay, so i'm experimenting with randomly "tweaking" a color in mkcolor to create "UI frame" backgrounds. sometimes it looks decent, and sometimes it still looks like tutti frutti >_>

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