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While this is a private server intended for a closed group of friends, it's important to establish some ground rules for how we interact with the Fediverse at large. This is adapted from the code of conduct of https://icosahedron.website, partially because that's an instance that the server admin (@QuietMisdreavus) has previously used, and also because it's easy to read and interpret.

Be friendly.

  • The internet is a network that connects people using computers. The other endpoint is a human being with an inner life just as complex as your own. Act accordingly.
  • Consider the reach of the posts you make. Tag content that you expect others might not want to see.
  • Harassment and bullying of any kind are not tolerated here. Do not engage with a user if they do not want you to. Do not ask other users to, either.

Don’t start shit.

  • Do not make posts just to get angry reactions.
  • “I was being ironic” is an extremely flimsy excuse for behaving badly.
  • Do not drag unrelated people into a discussion.

Obey the law.

  • Specifically, United States (server+admin location) law.
  • No illegal file sharing, no illegal pornography, no publication of personal protected information, you know the drill.
  • While things like holocaust denial and Nazi symbolism aren't directly against US law, they're also not allowed on this server.

Spam is not allowed.

  • Bots that interact with a user without a users explicit request are not allowed.
  • Automated or excessive advertising is not allowed.

Be aware of the nature of the network.

  • This website is part of a network of similar websites. Other websites may have different rules.
  • The local administration has little control over users of other websites. You can, however, block and mute them - same as local users.
  • In egregious cases, remote users or entire groups of users may be blocked from interacting with users of this website.

Fascism is incompatible with a free exchange of ideas.

  • When you endorse racism, exclusion and the structural and physical violence that come with it, you show yourself to not be interested in any sort of dialogue.
  • Those who work towards a society based on chauvinism and nationalism rather than peaceful coexistance are not welcome here.

Admin decisions are final.

  • The interpretation of these rules is up to the administration and an admins decision overrides the rules.
  • “Technically I did not violate any rule” is an extremely flimsy excuse for behaving badly.
  • The rules may be changed or amended when necessary.

These goal of these rules is to ensure a safe and welcoming environment.

  • Rule enforcement is guided by this goal.
  • Any enforcement action will generally be kept between those involved.
  • Try to self-moderate, but do not hesitate to involve an admin when necessary.
  • There is presently one person with administrative access to the website, @QuietMisdreavus.
  • You can report rule violations via the report function, or via e-mail.

To keep the timeline smooth for everyone, here are some recommended CWs to use. This is not an exclusive list; it's just a quick reference to give the idea of what kinds of content should be folded up:

  • Politics (country/state/local; this also includes certain kinds of activism)
  • Animated GIFs
  • Food
  • References to abuse
  • References to racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/etc
  • Nudity/Sexually suggestive content

Admin notes

Server notices will be posted on @mayor@squad.town's account. This will announce things like downtimes for upgrades, backups, etc. Ideally, i'd like to install updates to the server system regularly, but regardless, i'll post there when i need to take the server down or if i have things to say to the server at large.